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New Start Early Learning Centre aims to provide trust that reflects a partnership between children, their families and the staff. It will be developed on the premises that the child is capable and clever and so will foster children’s active involvement in the learning process and will provide for their needs and interest in the context of their own world in which they live. It is accepted that the environment is the third teacher and so this will be an integral part do the program. Experiences are developmentally appropriate and open ended. The materials provided will foster the children’s creativity and imagination.

Our families at the centre believe that they key elements in providing high quality care is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, healthy eating practices. This high-quality early childhood centre provides a safe and nurturing environment that respects and values children and individuals.

Step For Enrolment in New Start Early Learning Centre

Step For Enrolment in New Start Early Learning Centre

  • Contact us via phone, email or web enquiry to discuss your child care needs
  • Arrange a appointment to have a tour of the service and to meet our friendly staff
  • Complete the enrolment/ waiting list form and provide a copy of your child’s updated immunization record,
  • Service offers you a position when it becomes available
  • Secure your position by paying an enrolment administration fee and bond